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The globalisation and the current rules in Europe have caused profound changes in the way we conduct business and do our jobs.

The growing competition makes harder to keep the old business models and it makes suitable to find new sourced of raw materials and services. The purpose is to lower costs and fight competition. 

Individuals facing high taxation learnt to move to other countries where to live easier, better and enjoying an enhanced purchasing power.

Companies went abroad, and delocalisation helped to lower production costs. A multitude of other entrepreneurs, professionals, consultants and small artisans have tried to resist. For many reasons, personal and life, they have tried to reduce costs and change the business model.

But the evolution of the conditions is inexorable and leads them to the continued suffering conditions. Now they are looking for a different solution.

In our European Union, there are a lot of different Countries. Each Country offers special features and its own pros and cons, even though we know there is no place like home.

We chose Latvia. The reasons are many, but basically, we can point to the low costs, the administrative transparency, the overall efficiency of the services, the fair tax burden.

The confrontation between your Country and Latvia comes  from the Doing Business 2016, the World Bank report. We may only highlight Latvia features as follows:

- Ease of doing business: 22/189 position Latvia.

- Ease of starting a business: 27/189 position Latvia.

- Obtaining building permits: 30/189 position Latvia.

- Obtaining Credit: 19/189 position Latvia.

- Taxation: 27/189 position Latvia.

The document of the World Bank Doing Business 2016 may be downloaded here.

Latvia is a country of the European Union in effect, where the administration does not hinder, where paying taxes is easy and reasonable, where there is the real possibility of basing their business, according to the law. It is not a tax haven, is a country that offers interesting opportunities.

Latvia is Baltic Country, tidy, quiet, enjoying the membership into the European Union and that has been able to modernize, make reforms, perhaps a system of government and a simple and effective control. Riga is a very beautiful town and Latvian people are well-educated and respectful.

More, Latvia is absolutely well-connected with Europe and with the world.

All the above means that Latvia is a very good place both for companies in order to lower costs and for individuals to increase their purchasing power keeping inside the EU and keeping their lives under control.

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